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Building A New House? 5 Questions To Help You Find The Right Plumbing Contractor

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When building a new construction house, you will be called on to handle many tasks that you probably have never done before. For most homeowners, this includes hiring contractors for large projects. But how do you know how to choose good contractors for various stages who will produce quality work and stay on time? 

Here are 5 questions to ask when choosing your plumbing construction contractor.

Can They Keep the Timeline?

New construction has to operate on a very specific timeline in order to get your home done on time. Various contractors with various specialties must work in a certain order and alongside each other in order to keep everything on schedule. If possible, talk to your plumbing contractor's prior clients to find out how the company did on keeping to a timeline and working within the established budget. 

Talk to the contractor specifically about the timeline needed to complete your work. What order should things be done in, and what has to happen before their portion of work can begin? What challenges do they expect in your project? 

How Will Permits be Handled?

If you have a single builder acting as the general contractor, they may manage getting all the necessary permits throughout the construction phases. But you should verify that this is the case to avoid problems once the hammers start swinging.

If your plumbing contractor is required to get permits for any of their work, find out what is needed and when it must be applied for and approved. How long does each permit typically take and how will it affect work going on around that item or room? And can you save any money by getting certain permits yourself? 

Do They Offer Choices?

Most homeowners are looking for ways to save a little cash as well as be more environmentally friendly. There are many choices for modern homes that can pay off over the long run. Low-flow toilets and shower heads as well as energy-efficient water heaters can save money for years to come. Ask for recommendations on appliances that save energy as well as cleaners that will help keep your plumbing in the best shape possible. 

Ask for recommendations on ways to further save money both on the construction costs — such as purchasing materials yourself or altering a room's layout — and lower overall costs later on. Your contractor should want to help you find the best plan for your budget and circumstances. 

Do They Offer Comprehensive Services?

Once the plumbing is installed and your house is built, you'll need future services as well. You'll have drain clogs, occasional leaks, frozen pipes, and even future remodeling work. This is your chance to develop a working relationship with a plumbing service whom you can call in an emergency. So make sure they can offer all kinds of follow up services — particularly 24-hour emergency service. 

What Are Their Reviews?

Today's homeowners have an advantage that most people didn't have just a few years ago. It's the ability to easily find reviews for contractors on the internet.

In addition to seeking recommendations and talking to prior customers, check out potential contractors' reviews through various reviewing sites. While every company will occasionally have a detractor, you should look for a positive trend and evidence of experience working with projects similar to yours. 

Answer these few questions to help you find a plumbing contractor that will fit your needs — both now and in the future. For help with all new construction and future services throughout the Dearborn metro area, contact the plumbing pros at Mike's Plumbing today.